A Century Ago

The Argus, Melbourne

22 January 1924

To The Editor of The Argus.

Sir,- The concluding months of the current year are of some interest to those former portions of New South Wales now known as Victoria and Queensland.

In October, 1824, Lieutenant Miller, of the 40th Foot, grandfather of Sir Edward Miller, was founding the settlement at Moreton Bay, and Hamilton Hume was on his way from his home at Appin to the shores of Port Phillip.

Lieutenant Miller's settlement has grown into the city of Brisbane. Hume's successful overland journey revealed the possibilities of Victoria, and led to the building of the city of Melbourne.

It is proposed to celebrate the centenary at Brisbane this year and no doubt, some reference will be made to the contemporaneous work of Hume.

Many Victorians resident in Queensland would, I think, be glad to learn that something is being done to mark the hundredth anniversary of such an important event in Victorian history.

I am old enough to remember the references in your columns to the death of Hamilton Hume over 50 years ago. Looking these up recently, I find you then stated that "Mr. Hume's name will always be mentioned with honour when the history of Victoria comes to be definitely written as a brave, earnest, persevering pioneer of a new continent ("The Argus," April 24, 1873).

 Yours, &c., F. W. S. Cumbrae Stewart, President the Historical Society of Queensland. The University, Brisbane, Jan. 16.