A Visit to Yarrangobilly

6 February 1948 The Land (Sydney)

The Adaminatian, Adaminaby, 19/1/48:

Sorry to read of your long spell in hospital, Rainbird, but I sincerely hope you are well again by now.

Shining Eyes and Rainbow Trout, I am W. B. I think Shining Eyes' initials are L. J. L. and Rainbow Trout's surname starts with C.

We have had, a lot of rain but these last three days have been, fine.

We went to the Yarrangobllly Caves on Sunday, Jan. 4th with Rainbow Trout's two cousins in their cars.

Some of us went in the Jersey Cave and two went to the Jillabenan.

They gave each person a little book entitled "All About Yarrangobllly Caves."

 In 1838; four years before the discovery of Jenolan Caves, Mr. J. Bowman, who had a homestead four miles from Yarrangobilly Caves, while looking for straying cattle, in seeking shelter from a thunderstorm, discovered the Glory Caves.

The following year an exploring party, sponsored by the Victorian Government and headed by Sir Terence Aubrey Murray and Surveyor Mole, also found the Glory Caves and reported the discovery to their department.

The Jersey Cave was discovered by Mr. J. Glbb in 1885 (sic).

The Harvie Wood Cave was discovered by the Bradley family in the early nineties.

The Jillabenan Cave (which means "dark hole," by the way) was discovered by L, J,. A. Hood in 1910.

The River, Easter, Grotto and Coppermine Caves are not open tp public Inspection.

They contain no formation which is not equalled, and for the most part excelled, in beauty by that in the caves above described.

The Yarangobilly Caves Reserve has an area of approximately six square miles.

The scenery about the caves is beautiful.