A Xmas Box For Tumut's V.C.

17 December 1929 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Pte. Jack Ryan. An admiring supporter of the cause of our returned soldiers (all great or lesser heroes) at Walwa, Victoria, writes us: -

'Some short time back I saw a note In the Melbourne 'Age,' sent from Dubbo, N.S.W., that John Ryan, V.C., late of Tumut, was wandering about there looking for work and could get none.

If this be correct, I think it is a disgrace to the Commonwealth, and perhaps a reflection on Tumut.

If the facts are as stated, and the good people of Tumut care to take the matter up, with your assistance in giving it publicity, and make this V.C. townsman of yours a Xmas box, I will be happy to give 5 (five pounds) towards it.

Everywhere in the Empire (while I write) the highest in the land are doing themselves credit by calling the V.C.'s together to dine with them on Armistice Day, and no one could be in more worthy company.'

Let Tumut show its pride in its ONE of the only 22 V.C. heroes that this State lays claim to, by assisting to make Pte. Jack Ryan's Xmas happy and him mindful that we are not unmindful of his valorous deeds on the battlefield.

The 'Tumut Times and Adelong Express' will be pleased to receive contributions to the Pte. Jack Ryan, V.C., Xmas Box Fund, as suggested, and as time is short before the festive season, will those disposed to join in the felicitations to our nativeborn hero send along their offerings promptly?


Pte. Jack Ryan Xmas Box Fund.

George K. Jephcott, (Wermatong, Walwa,. Vic.) 5 /0/ 0

'Tumut Times' & 'Adelong Express' 1/1 /0    

Arthur Sturt 5/ 0  

Richard 'Sturt 5/ 0