Aboriginal Gathering at Tumut

The Sydney Morning Herald

26 January 1866

A party of aboriginals, together with several half-castes, some of whom may easily pass for Europeans, numbering in all fifty, are now encamped at the junction of the Gilmore and Tumut, and on Friday, a small portion of them entertained a great many of the townsfolk with a miniature corroboree, which will be renewed on a larger scale this evening.

The object of this visit we learn is to procure a certain description of reed for making spears of, and which is only obtainable in these parts at Tumut Plain. The tribes here congregated are the remnants of this almost extinct race, and are from Muttama, Gundagai, Burrowa, and Tumut.

The Wagga Wagga tribe have gone to Kyamba to procure bamboos for spear-making, and in the course of a few weeks they all intend to assemble at Gundagai to meet a large tribe from the Lachlan, who are bringing over myall to exchange for spear reeds and bamboos.

On such on occasion it is not unusual for a fight to take place, but which subsequently terminates with an   amicable "carbon corroboree" - Tumut Times of Monday.