Accident at Weejasper

25 February 1947 The Tumut and Adelong Times

An accident occurred at Weejasper, about 8 miles from Yass, on Sunday, in which three Tumut persons were involved, viz: Messrs. Bob Cook, William Rivers and Tom Wilkinson. 

It is understood the party had made the trip to inspect a stock route at Weejasper and when going down, a gradual incline the car overturned after skidding on some loose gravel. 

It overturned several times and was extensively damaged. 

Mr. Tom Wilkinson suffered a badly   cut ear and head, necessitating eight stitches, whilst all members of the party suffered severe bruises. 

The car was righted and driven back to Tumut under its own power, but it will be a difficult job to have the necessary repairs effected

Enquiries yesterday revealed that Mr. Wilkinson will be laid up for some days, though his condition is satisfactory.

All three members had a narrow escape from more serious injury.