Address to New Governor

The Australian, Sydney

5 January 1826

To his Excellency Lieutenant General Ralph Darling, Captain General, Governor, and Commander in Chief, &c. &c. in and over the Territory of New South Wales and its depenendencies.


We, His Majesty's loyal subjects, the Grand Jury of Liverpool and adjoining Districts, in Quarter Session assembled, beg leave to approach your Excellency with our unfeigned congratulations on the safe arrival of your Excellency and amiable Family in the Territory of New South Wales.

We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude to his Majesty, our gracious Sovereign, for his parental solicitude in appointing a Governor to rule over us, already experienced in the science of governing, so essential to the well-being of a people whose infant institutions require the fostering aid of energy an

d experience to support and advance them to maturity. We are aware your Excellency will have many difficulties to contend with in ruling a Colony so unorganised as this still remains.

However, we beg to assure year Excellency that in all the measures you may deem expedient for the better government of the country, you will be seconded by the most anxious and loyal attentions of our fellow Colonists; and as for ourselves individually, we trust your Excellency will believe, that we shall ever consider it our duty to render the Laws and regulations effective and respected by the example of our obedience.

We pray God to bless your Excellency with health to support you through the arduous duties of your exalted station.

Grand Jury Room, Liverpool, December 29th, 1825.

(Signed) James Chandler, Foreman. Robert Townson, William Campbell, John Drummond, John Wood, G.M. Woodhouse, Sam. O. Hassall, W. H. Broughton, Jonathan Hassal, John Rowley, Hamilton Hume, M. Campbell, Wm. Jamieson