21 August 1880 Australian Town and Country Journal


A few months since Dr. M' Master commenced practice in Adelong.

He succeeded Dr. Kennedy and had an extensive connection.

He married about two months since and brought his wife to this town, who sickened and died, the effects of which preyed heavily upon his mind, and he had been dangerously ill for some days.  

He has been attended by Dr. M'Killop of Gundagai, who has been unceasing in his attention, and under his treatment Dr. M'Master is now considered out of danger, and his health gradually improves.

The doctor is highly esteemed, and by his genial manner and kindness, together with his skill, has so far gained favour, that his loss would have been deeply regretted.


Messrs. Johnson and Carnes, of Sharp's Creek, have had their dam washed away, and have applied for a race about one and a half mile long, which will convey the water into their claim.

It will be brought from the Nacka Nacka Creek. Annetts and party G. M. Co., crushed 80 tons of seconds and lip, from which they obtained 61 oz. 

The stone was taken from the 800 feet level.

They have good stone in sight, and look forward to a better yield next crushing.

The tramway on the Victoria reef, and which is intended to convoy quartz from the Perseverance Company's claim to their new battery, is in a forward state.

The metals are being laid, and a locomotive it is thought will shortly commence hauling.

The whole is under good management, and will exhibit engineering skill.

It is thought there is good alluvial ground on the Adelong Creek containing rich deposits of gold, which until now could not be prospected, being on private property, the owner of which, however, is now willing to make terms. The land contains an area of over 200 acres. 

I make an extract from a letter I have received from the proprietor of the land referred to: "A few years ago several persons asked me to allow prospecting for gold on my land.

I agreed to it, but the matter fell through, the party separating on other business, and I went to the north for five years.

There is a party formed for prospecting near my land about a mile from my place. It has occurred to me that if it were known there is land open for prospecting on the Adelong Creek, &c., situate below the crossing, parties might be willing to try the ground.

I have been told by many experienced miners that such a speculation would turn out very profitable. Several I have mentioned this to personally, think very favourably of it, and at no distant date we shall see mining carried on lower down.

Knowing the great interest you take in developing this branch of industry, and the opportunities you have of obtaining publicity in the Town And Country Journal and the local organ, I have thought it advisable to communicate with you to this end."

After many attempts to induce capitalists to take an interest in the Tarcutta goldfield, or rather the Mount Adrah extension, and much cold water has been thrown on my efforts, not by experienced miners but by the uninitiated, I am happy in being enabled to say that a step is about being made towards erecting a crushing machine there.

This is the first indication of the field being developed.

My reply to those who have endeavoured to cry down my efforts to open up the resources of Tarcutta is that the settlement of a prosperous mining population there would benefit Adelong and Gundagai in various ways.

These are the towns which must provision the new goldfield. We are now to have a crushing machine erected at once. Contracts have been signed and duly witnessed.

The thin end of the wedge is now in, and I have every confidence in saying the speculation is one that will be remunerative to Messrs. Saxonson and Zanker.

The only thing that was wanted to develop the field was a crushing machine to reduce the stone; and this is now to be supplied. Not only have Messrs. Saxonson and Zanker taken up a machinery area, but they have formed a separate company, in addition to holding an interest in the claims now working. 

This I look upon as an advantage obtained by the aid of the Press. Already an application has been made for a 10 - acre gold mining lease by Mr. Kyson Egan, of Adelong. I have just learned that the North Caledonian G. M. C. have had a crushing which has given a good return.

I shall allude to this in my next.  

I have just interviewed two persons who have returned from Temora.

They state the place is in a disorganised condition, accommodation bad, and lodgings scarce - hundreds lodging on the cold ground. Money with many is becoming scarce, and pilfering going on by persons who have been cleaned out gambling; and those who entered Temora with a jaunty air sculk out the back way, not even are they able to take to Cobb and Co.

Yet, the opinion of my friends, I find, is good for the prosperity of the place, by those who have the means to hold on. And, to sum up in a few words, Temora, in their opinion, will be a good field eventually.

One of these parties spent 20 which he had at starting.

He lost his horse and sold a new saddle and bridle for a pound, to bring him back to Adelong.

(From Our Correspondents.)    

August 14.