Adelong Coach Accident

17 July 1880Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney)

On Thursday last, the mail coach, Cobb and Co.'s, was turned over about a mile below Graham's Town.

Fortunately there were none of the passengers much hurt.

Many parts of the road between Adelong and the crossing place are in a fearful state, owing to the heavy traffic that has taken place - an unusual number of bullock drays laden with stores, quartz, and machinery, causing some deep ruts which got filled with sludge.

Into one of these one of the wheels of the mail got, causing it to tip over. The coach was travelling slow.

The coachman, named Perrath, a steady driver, was thrown off, as was also Mr, Lewis Jones, a mining speculator, and a female named Connelly.

Mr. Jones was sightly hurt in the back, but able to render assistance, as was also Miss Connelly, who worked like a man in the mud, and by their united efforts the coach was placed in position. There were also two inside passengers, but, with the exception of a fright, they are none the worse.

The driver attended to the horses and acted with coolness, and with great difficulty prevented them from running away.