Adjungbilly Honor Roll

8 February 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

Unveiled by Cr. J. W.Oliver. Large attendance at official function.

On Saturday, January 29, there was a large attendance from Tumut, Gundagai, Coolac and surrounding districts as well as local folk at the Honor Roll Ball, when the official unveiling of the Honor Roll, at Adjungbilly Hall, in memory of those lads who had served in the 1939-1945 war took place.

Adjungbilly is the first centre in the Tumut Shire to have the names of enlisted men per- petuatcd by the erection of an Honor Roll.

The official R.S.L. officers from Tumut comprised: Messrs. J. W. Oliver (President of the local Branch), D. W. Lyell (Secretary) and A. C. Macadam. 

At 10 p.m. a halt was called in the dancing, for which dance rhythm was dispensed by the Harden-Murrumburrah Orchestra, and the Chairman, Mr. Jack Gown, called for two-minutes silence in memory of all servicemen and women who gave their lives for the King and our British Empire. The 'Last Post' was sounded, and following the two minutes' silence in darkness, the immortal words: 'We Will Remember Them', was recited by all. The 'Reveille' was then sounded.

Mr. J. Gown, in addressing the gathering, said he was very grateful for the opportunity of being asked to act as Chairman on such an occasion as this.

The people of Adjungbilly should be justly proud of the record of the 27 district men who joined the Navy, Army, and Air Force, and it was a remarkable achievement for such a small population as was possessed by Adjungbilly.

Among the names appearing on the Honor Roll were those of two men who had been decorated for their bravery in the Army - another fact of which to be proud. As far as he was aware, this Honor Roll was the first in the Tumut district to be erected in honor of the men who served in the 1939-45 war, and Adjungbilly could be justly proud of this.

On it appeared the names of those who had come back, but he asked all not to forget those who gave their lives for their King and country.

Mr. Gown then had pleasure in introducing the President of the Tumut Sub-branch, Mr. J. W. Oliver, and Mr. A. C. Macadam, who was Secretary of the Sub-branch for 19 years. 

Mr. Oliver, speaking on behalf of the Tumut R.S.L. thanked the organisers for bestowing on them the great honor and privilege of being able to attend such a function.

It was indeed pleasing to see such a large assembly of people present to pay their respects to the boys of the district who went away in service to their country and Empire.

It was a great record that 27 men from Adjungbilly saw service and the people were very lucky to have all of them back safely.

Adjungbilly was a small place, but judging by the number of cars outside the hall, it must be a very popular place.

It was a great honor to be asked to officially unveil the Honor Roll, and he had great pleasure in carrying out that ceremony.

The Union Jack and Australia Flag which had covered the Honor Roll, were then slowly withdrawn reveal ing the board with the names of the ex-servicemen engraved in gold lettering. 

Mr. A. C. Macadam said that on occasions such as this everyone says it is a pleasure and a privilege (often for something to say), but he did very much appreciate the opportunity to be present that night to do honor to the boys who went away prepared to take any risks. Adjungbilly was one of the very few places to which they all came back.

Often it fell to the lot of the speaker to offer sympathies to relatives of those who did not return. Mr, Macadam said when the people of the district looked at this Honor Roll they should all be very grateful that the local boys did come back, but asked them to pause for a moment to think of the many thousands who are still overseas and will never come back.

Adjungbilly was the first centre in the Tumut Shire to erect an Honor Roll in connection with the 1939-45 war.

Tumut had one after the first world war, but it was now hidden away somewhere covered in dust. He asked that the Adjungbilly people prevent this Roll from meeting the same fate.

Although all the local lads had returned some may often be in need of a little assistance, and if all the people did their share, it would make things easier.

Maybe parents sometimes wondered why their boy was a little cranky or quiet, but if they could see some of the things these boys went through between 1939 and 1945, they would be a little more sympathetic and understanding.

This has already been shown by the Honor Roll, and he concluded by congratulating the Adjungbilly people on this fine gesture. 

Mr. Gown said that although he came from Adjungbilly himself, he was deeply touched by the gesture of appreciation for their ex-servicemen shown by the local people. 

A very fine supper was served by the Adjungbilly ladies, and dancing continued until the wee small hours. 

The names of the 27 men who appear on the Honor Roll are:-

Bell, L.F.;

Blundell, H. W. E.; 

Brayshaw, H. A. J. ;

Brayshaw, C. H. ;

Bullman, R. G.;

Cassidy, M. J.; 

Cassidy, R. K.;

Ellison, N. E.;

Ellison, C. J.;

Ellison, M. G.;

Gardiner, L. N.,( M.M.);

Graham, H. L.;

Harmer, R.; 

Harmer, C.;

Harmer, J.;

Harmer, E. L..;

Kingwill, W. M.;

Kingwill, L. H. ; 

Kingwill, B. J. (M.I.D.);

Kingwill, K. E.;

McCarthy, K. D.;

McCullock, T.; 

Sheehan, G. P.;

Smith, T.W. J.; 

Smith, P. C.;

Smith, H. J.;

Wilson, E. J.


Gardiner, L. N. (Military Medal) ;

Kingwill, B. J. (Mentioned in Despatches).