Ald. J. E. Madigan Chosen Mayor Unopposed

The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser

28 November 1911

The election of an alderman to fill the most responsible civic office in the town, on account of Dr. C. S. Browne's resignation from the position, took place last night at the Council Chambers. There was a full representation. Ald. N. Emanuel (Deputy-Mayor) occupied the chair. Ald. Madigan, Marshall, McDonald, Strangman, Carr, Wyburn and Blakeney sat round the table.

The only nomination before the meeting was that of Ald. James Edgar Madigan, lodged in writing by Ald. W. Marshall and seconded verbally by Ald. D. McDonald.

There being no other nomination, the Deputy-Mayor, in declaring Ald. Madigan Mayor, congratulated him upon his election, and said he was sure the Council as at present composed would work amicably together under him.

If Aldermen would only bear one with the other and not allow any squabble to arise such as that with the late Mayor, Ald. Browne, there would be no friction. There was no necessity to have bickerings over their disagreements on any Council matter. Each Alderman was entitled to his opinion and to express it freely, without falling out personally.

Ald. Madigan was then invited to take the chair, but before doing so said he felt proud at having been elected by the unanimous vote of the Council, and also thanked the Deputy-Mayor for his kind remarks.

While he occupied the position he hoped they would work well together and in harmony; and if they did so he would give his assurance that due consideration would be shown to each Alderman.

For two years previously he had occupied the office of Mayor, and believed that he vacated it with the goodwill of his fellow aldermen, and trusted his colleagues would be satisfied with his actions at the close of this term. As far as concerned the remarks of Dr. Browne, they were uncalled for and entirely wrong. Personally he liked Dr. Browne as Mayor, and they seemed to get on well together in the Council. The Aldermen were all good friends with him.

He would strive to do his best for the Municipality while he held the responsible position as Mayor.

Ald. Madigan took his seat in the Mayoral chair, and the Council went into committee business.