Another statue for Department of Lands Office

Australian Town and Country Journal

19 November 1892

The lands Office. 

Another statue has been added to the collection in the niches on the outside of the offices of the Department of Lands. This time the statue is of the late Captain W. H. Hovell, the colleague of Hamilton Hume in their memorable journey from the eastern to the southern coast, in which they were the first white men to cross the River Murray, and to see the Australian Alps in 1824.

The figure is dressed in a pea jacket, shirt open at the neck, belt round the waist, and strong sea boots, giving him a flavor of the sea, he having been a master whaler. The explorer is represented standing well on his legs, looking steadfastly out over the country to his left; the right thumb is thrust through the belt, the left hand resting on a sextant which is on the rocks. Captain Hovell was physically a very fine-looking man, and his relatives and acquaintances who have seen the statue consider it a good likeness.

The work has been executed by Mr. W. P. Macintosh, of Forest Lodge, in a very faithful manner.