Arson at Eurobin

1 February 1878 The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

Margaret Scott was indicted for maliciously setting fire to a woolshed the property of James Brennan of Eurobin on January 7th.

The accused, who was undefended, when called upon to plead spoke in an incoherent manner, but subsequently in reply to the judge, said she was ' not guilty.'

The Crown prosecutor said in opening the case there were reasons to believe that the accused was out of her mind.

The only question in fact for the jury to determine was whether the unfortunate woman was sane or not.

Lawrence Brennan, son of James Brennan, deposed that he had known the accused for some time, and latterly considered her out of her mind; he saw her on 7th January lighting a fire in his father's woolshed and told her to take care that she did not burn it down; she said she would burn it down; saw the shed in flames afterwards, and accused said she had done it.

 Sergeant Zoellner deposed he arrested the accused; in reply to the charge she said she was authorised to burn peoples' places; she had been wandering about for the last eight years, and witness considered her a lunatic.

The jury acquitted the accused on the ground of insanity, and his Honor directed that she should be imprisoned until the Governor's pleasure be known,