Batlow Railway Returns

20 March 1945 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The figures received from the Batlow railway station show that the amount of business for January transacted at Batlow still keeps on the four figure mark.

There were 190 tickets sold for 215, parcels 88, stamps 19 and miscellaneous 5, making a total coaching revenue of 327.

The goods revenue, made up of goods 1071, livestock 2, miscellaneous 6, made the grand total 1404.

Of the 1430 tons handled, there were 591 tons of general goods, 470 miscellaneous inwards and 87 tons general and 282 miscellaneous outwards.

Also three trucks of cattle came in, and three trucks of chaff.

Of the goods, there were 591 tons despatched (nine trucks general, two wool, nine shooks, 22 sawn timber, four potatoes and four of juice). 

This is slightly lower than previous months, but it is the off season for fruit.

Kunama despatched five trucks with 63 tons of shooks.

For February the total receipts were higher, being 2 183, made up of coaching 275, goods 1903, miscellaneous 5.

There were 132 tickets for 184, a drop on the previous month, but the goods despatched were considerably more.

Stamps sales amounted to 60, miscellaneous 6, parcels debit 193.

Tonnage in amounted to: general618 tons, special 511.

Outwards; general 360, special 786.

There was an in-crease in the number of trucks required, this being 85, as against 50 the previous month.

They comprised: general goods six trucks, shooks 65, sawn timber 26, fruit 22, potatoes seven, juice nine. 

Parcels received were 450, and despatched 540. Kunama despatched 12 trucks with 115 tons of shooks.