Batlow Railway Station Rapid Increase in Business  

26 October 1948 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The business of the Batlow Railway Station has progressed rapidly during the past twenty-five years, especially since 1940.

In 1924 the amount of potatoes railed amounted to 234 tons.

In 1947 there were 81 truckloads dispatched.

On the fruit side of the business 50,952 cases were dispatched by rail in 1924, while in 1947 no less than 415 trucks of fruit were dispatched from the Batlow Station. 

One of The Few Paying Stations

Batlow Railway Station has become one of the few paying stations in N.S.W.

Since 1940 the revenue has gone up considerably.

An indication of this can be seen from the figures:-

In 1924 1,487 tickets were issued, while in 1945 the amount jumped to 2,216 tickets.

The figures in the last two years have been lower owing to train restrictions. 

Revenue figures have increased by nearly 25,000. Revenue in 1924 was as follows: Coaching 1,493, goods 3,042, total 4,535.

In 1947 the figures shown are:- Coaching 4,253, goods 24,800, total 29,053.

A big increase is shown in the amount of tonnage actually received at the Batlow Station.

In 1924 inwards goods 1,241 tons, outward goods 2,203 tons, total 3,444 tons.

In 1947 tonnage amounted to: Inward 15,293, outward 15,210, total of 30,512 tons - an increase of 27,068. 

Record Number Of Trucks 

The number of trucks dispatched for the 12 months of 1946 reached an all-time record of 1,333. 

In the timber section 295 tons were sent in 1924, while 415 trucks of sawn timber and 210 truckloads of logs were sent in 1947.