Batlow and its Water Scheme

9 February 1945 Cootamundra Herald

It is to be hoped that the mountain town bf Batlow and those around who depend upon the water scheme will survive the present threat. 

The precious fluid is impounded in a weir out at Gilmore, run into a settling tank, thence to be gravitated by race.   

All very simple - till the demands of a season like this exceed the capacity of the scheme. 

The Industries facing a possible hold-up are the packing house, employing from 50 to 60 people, who  usually put through 300,000 cases a year; the orange Juice factory, employing about 30; and the dehydration of potatoes, carrots, and cabbages, with 40 workers under ideal conditions in a most modem building, with canteen, hot and cold meals, and so on. 

This Journal wishes the Batlow people an early solution of their present great problem.