Big Gains in Snowy Plan

15 July 1949 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

As one result of the Snowy River scheme New South Wales will receive waters which will enable the State to develop the rich Murrumbidgee Valley to such an extent that there will be available a vast stretch of land for irrigation, equal to two and a half times the present land under intense cultivation in the Murrumbidgee Valley. This was stated tonight by the Minister for Conservation (Mr. Weir). 

Land Along Murray

'In addition to this gigantic project, the extra waters which will be available from the Murray River will enable the development of land roughly equal to the existing Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area,' he added. 

The N.S.W. Government will push on immediately with the major works, so that it will be in a position to use the water the moment it is available. 

'There will be huge constructional activities involved in the way of channelling and diversions from the Murrumbidgee, together with the construction of Blowering Dam, on the Tumut River, as well as an additional storage on the Upper Murray,' the Minister said.

Assistance for N.S.W

Mr. Weir said the conference which he attended yesterday indicated that it was prepared to go a long way towards assisting New South Wales. 

Not only did the Common- wealth Authority undertake the major diversion of the Snowy River and the diversion of part of the Murray River water via its tributary, the Tooma, but the Commonwealth would also contribute to the cost of Blowering Dam and other necessary storages. 

Mr. Weir added that as, under the proposed scheme, practically the whole of the Snowy River waters would be diverted by the construction of the Jindabyne Dam, Victoria would undertake to look after the construction of weirs or barrages as might be required on the lower part of the Snowy River traversing that State.