Bigger Yield of Potatoes after Legumes

8 October 1954 The Farmer and Settler 

Sound rotational practices pay in the production of potatoes in the Tumut district.

This is proved beyond doubt by a potato rotation demonstration recently conducted on the property of Mr. K. Giles, of Kunama, via Batlow. 

'Utilisation of a legume, particularly subterranean clover, in the cropping programme ensures such an increase in fertility that subsequent yields of potatoes are significantly increased,' said the Tumut agronomist, Mr. Nicholson. 

Mr. Giles sowed a crop of Sequoia potatoes on one acre of land which had grown sub. clover for the past four years. 

Big Increase On an adjacent acre, potatoes were sown on land which had supported four annual crops, potatoes, turnips, oats, oats. 

The area of potatoes on old pasture land and annual crop land were both harvested on the same day with the following results:- 

pasture land. 12.2 tons per acre;

crop land, 9.4 tons per acre.

Difference, 2.8 tons in favor of pasture land. 

Putting the price of potatoes at 30 a ton gross, this could increase the acre return by 184, Mr. Nicholson said.   

'The results of this demonstration have been made known to Batlow farmers, and after concrete evidence such as this there is no doubt in their minds as to the value of using a legume in a cropping rotational programme,' he said.