Boundaries of Camden & Argyle Counties

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

3 March 1821

Saturday, 3d March, 1821. Civil, Department. His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to assign the undermentioned Boundaries to the Counties of Camden and Argyle; viz.

County of Camden, bounded on the north and West sides by the Warragamba and Wingeecarabee Rivers to the Main South Road, thence by a south line to Shoal-haven River; on the south by Shoalhaven River to the sea; on the north-east side by the Nepean River, the eastern branch of the same or Cataract River; and an east line to Coal Cliff Point on the coast; and on the east side by the sea.

County of Argyle, bounded on the north west by the Wollondilly and Cookbundoon Rivers to the main road on the east side of the Cookbundoon Range; from thence by a south line to the Wollondilly River, and by that river; on the south by and east line from the Wollondilly River, touching the northern extreme of Bathurst Lake to Shoal-haven River, and by that river; and on the east by the County of Camden.

His Excellency the Governor having been pleased to appoint Joseph Wild to be a Constable in the County of Argyle, he is to be obeyed as such accordingly.