Bridge on Road to Tumut Urged by Members  

20 November 1951 The Canberra Times 

Messrs Fuller, M.P. (Hume) and J. Fraser M.P., (A.C.T.) yesterday interviewed the Minister, for the Interior, Mr. Kent Hughes and put before him proposals for the construction of a bridge over the Goodradigbee River at Brindabella, to provide a direct route between Tumut and Canberra, and to open a wide tract of country from which the National Capital could obtain supplies of fruit and vegetables, dairy produce and timber.

Mr. Fuller outlined the history of previous moves towards the   construction of a bridge and improvement of the existing road. Mr. Fraser stressed the value that would accrue to the Capital Territory from the opening up of the road rich country that could be tapped once a bridge was constructed.

Both Mr. Fuller and Mr. Fraser urged on the Minister the advantage that would accrue from the opening of the area between. 

They stressed that the prime, need was for the construction of a bridge so that the present road would be available for use at all seasons. Improvement of the road itself, they said, would follow.

In addition the Minister had before him a comprehensive report by departmental officers, relating to both the Brindabella proposal and the proposition for improvement of the Wee Jasper road as the alternative western route of access to Canberra.

Mr. Kent Hughes undertook to have a full investigation of the proposals. He pointed out that as the site was outside the Commonwealth Territory construction of the bridge would involve either action of the State Government, or joint action by the Commonwealth and the State.