Bugong Moth Infestation

19 October 1945 The Land

The heavy infestation of a number of districts by a greyish-brown of dark-brown moth is causing much concern to householders whose homes are being invaded.

There is, however, no need for alarm, as this is the relatively harmless Bugong moth, which does not damage clothes, though its larvae, in the form of cutworms, take a toll of growing vegetables.

The entomological branch of the N.S.W. Department of Agriculture explains that this moth got its name from the fact that, in by-gone days, the aborigines of the Tumut district collected these moths on the Bugong mountains and, when roasted, the moths were regarded as an important addition to the menu.

In some years these moths become so numerous as to take up much of the nectar from tree blossoms, thus seriously reducing the honey flow.