Building Operations in Tumut Shire

27 September 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Permits still required for buildings other than living quarters.

Recently the State Government amended the Building Control Regulations by lifting restrictions on floor areas of new homes outside the County of Cumberland and certain other districts.

In most country areas there is no limit to the size of proposed new homes and the permissible amount to be spent on renovations or alterations has been raised from 150 to 500. 

Those wishing to erect buildings other than living quarters are still obliged to obtain the approval of the Minister for Building Materials.

I understand that it will still be necessary for councils to issue building permits so that some control may be exercised over the supply of materials, reported Mr. J. Lockeridge to Monday's meeting of the Tumut Shire Council. 

It is noted that tenders have now been called for the erection of three new cottages at Adelong for the State Housing Commission. The following have applied for building permits:- F. E. Davis, timber frame and fibro cottage, 'Ellerslie'; F. E. Davis, workmen's quarters, 'Ellerslie'; J. Faulkiner, sleep-out premises, Batlow; J. H. Andrews, brick dwelling, Richmond-St., Tumut'; W. E. Carter, dwelling, Broughton-St, Tumut; E. Quarmby, timber frame and fibro cottage, Bat- low; L. R. Sheather, timber frame and fibro cottage, Russell-St, Tumut ; K. Hardwick, timber frame and fibro cottage, Mt. Adrah; R. Graham, timber frame and fibro cottage, Clarke-St, Tumut; A. H. Manns, additional sleeping quarters, premises Fitzroy-St.; D. S. McDonald, essential repairs dwelling, Bombowlee; J. H. Hanranhan, timber frame and fibro dwelling, 'Ellerslie'; Mrs. R. M. Williamson, brick, dwelling, Howick-St, Tumut; Mrs. C. G. Hill, brick dwelling, Capper-St., Tumut; Estate R. S. Hargreaves, essential repairs premises, Tumut;. J. Hampstead, timber frame and fibro dwelling, Blowerinig; F. C. O'Keefe, timber frame and fibro cottage, Adelong Road, Tumut; J. Speers, workmen's quarters, Batlow; Mrs. H. Purcell, sleepout premises, Merrivale-Street, Tumut. 

Permits have been issued to the above and Council endorsed same on Mr. Lockeridge's recommendation.

Applications for permission to commence building operations have been lodged by the following: G. Quinn, brick dwelling, Richmond-Street, Tumut - Approval, recommended.     

E. J. Boyle, of Batlow, applies for   permission to construct a garage on his land in Corrabelle Avenue, Batlow, and occupy same, as a temporary dwelling pending the erection of a new home on the land.

The garage will be 27ft x 10ft. with 8ft. verandah on one side enclosed at one end to make a combined bathroom and laundry 8ft. x 8ft. 

Cr. Keenan: We will have to be careful about allowing these temporary premises to be constructed. 

Mr. Lockeridge: One man in Bat- low got permission to use a garage as a temporary; premises. He has since gone to Sydney and has let it to another family. 

The Chairman: That is a fact and I am informed, he receiving 30/- per week rent. 

Mr. Lockeridge: That is the trouble: You try to help people, and that is what they do. It is hard to pick out the genuine case from the others when you are granting permission to occupy a garage as a   temporary dwelling. 

Cr. Keenan: I don't like to turn the application down, but Council should have a say where they build a garage. 

Mr. Lockeridge: We can fix a building line which will prevent people from building premises closer to the street than that line, but if the   occupier wishes they could build the   place further back and Council could not stop them.

 On the motion of Crs. Nicholas and Keenan it was decided that if   Mr. Lockeridge was satisfied with the type of building to be erected and where the occupier intends to build it that the necessary permission be granted.

N. E. Learmont, of Tumut, asks for permission to erect a weather-board and fibro cottage with brick facings in Capper street Tumut, on land recently owned by G. Lear mont.

It may be recalled that a similar request by the previous owner of the land was the subject of a special resolution of Council in   March, 1948. 

Cr. Nicholas: We should stick to   the regulations. If we have defined a brick area then we should keep it a brick area.   

Cr. Fuller: If you grant Learmont's application and someone else comes along and asks for the same thing you can't refuse them, and   then you will finish up with no brick area at all. 

Cr. Keenan: We should keep areas defined as brick areas as brickareas. On the motion of Crs. Nicholas and Keenan the application was re-fused. 

Mr. C. A. Pryor seeks approval to erect a garage at premises in Clunie Avenue. Owing to the shape and  fall of the land, on which the house  is built it is impossible to construct   a drive to the rear of the building, so permission is sought to construct the garage up to the street side.