Bushrangers Infesting the Yass District

The Sydney Morning Herald

4 December 1843


Five armed bushrangers have been infesting the Yass district for the last two months; they have robbed successively drays, horsemen, and stations, and even had the temerity to bail up, and rob of a considerable sum, Mr. Andrews, the postmaster and innkeeper at Gundagai, and although the leader was wounded by one of his neighbours who came to the rescue, they got off with their booty.

Within the last few days they took a horseman off the road into the bush to rob him, but he seeing n chance of escape galloped off, when they fired three shots at him, but fortunately without effect.

Our spirited Commissioner Bingham was with his mounted police and black fellow, on their track within five hours, and it is hoped he will succeed in capturing them.

What protection will the settlers have if this force is disbanded now that the Police Magistrate's salary is disallowed? for the constabulary generally manage to let the bushrangers escape after the mounted police have taken them.


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