Bushranging Days Recalled by Aged Lady's Death

13 February 1945 Narrandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser

The days when bushranger Moon- light terrorised the Wantabadgery district are recalled by the death of Mrs. Jane Manning, at the age of 82 years.

The old lady, who passed away, early on Friday morning, 2nd February, was born at Gundagai and went to Wantabadgery over 60 years ago.

It is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Manning were the first couple to reside at Wantabadgery, living a hard, pioneering life.

An idea of conditions back half a century ago can be gleaned from the fact that Mr. Manning used to drive a bullock team for a property owner outside Junee, for which he was paid 1 a week. 

Each week-end he was involved in a 20-mile walk back to Wantabadgery to see his family, and on his small income he had to raise twelve children.

Mrs. Manning was at Wantabadgery on the occasion when Moonlight and his gang held up the local hotel and shot a horse from beneath Mr George Seymour.

She was also at Wantabadgery when the bushrangers held up the Wantabadgery homestead for food.

It was within two miles of her that Moonlight was shot at McGlede's. (Tumut 'Times').