Call for Papers re "Gocup" and "Gadara Runs

23 July 1862 The Sydney Morning Herald

The Legislative Assembly met yesterday at twenty eight minutes past three p m.


Mr. W. Forster moved for papers, having reference to certain reservations recently made of or upon the runs known as "Gocup" and "Gadara".

The hon member stated that the former owners of these runs had been ruined by the reservations in question, and would probably make a claim for compensation.

Mr. Robertson defended the course taken by the Government, and insisted that they could not, consistently with their duty, have acted otherwise.

Mr. Hay was of opinion that the reservations made in this case were illegal.

After some further remarks from Mr. Rusden, Mr Cowper, jun., Mr. R. Forster, and Mr. W. Forster in reply, the motion was agreed to.