Camden Floods

The Sydney Morning Herald

1 July 1852

June 25, - On Sunday last it began to rain, and continued raining with little intermission till Thursday.

 On the morning of which day all the lowlands in this vicinity were inundated, the waters having reached a point about a foot higher than the highest flood which has occurred in the memory of the oldest inhabitant.

Of course all communication with this place is cut off, the bridge being submerged some 26 feet.

The westerly winds have now resumed their power.

There is fine weather again, and the waters are fast subsiding.

June 28. - On the retirement of the waters it has been ascertained that much damage has been done to fences; that large portions of surface soil recently sown with wheat, amounting in places to many acres, have been carried away; that much valuable property in the submerged houses and stores has been spoiled or damaged; and last, though not least, that a portion of the Cowpasture Bridge, which has for so many years withstood the force of the currents, has been swept away, leaving the communication only practicable at present by means of a boat.