Canberra's Pioneer Settler

Lieut. J. J. Moore.

The Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine

15 October 1926

In our issues of the old "Pioneer," as it will be called now that this magazine takes its place, Mr. Henry Selkirk, F.R A.H.S., in his historic articles on "Early Canberra," and Lieut. Moore's connection therewith attracted the attention of many who had early associations with what is now our Federal Capital Territory.

The editor has had the pleasure, through those articles, and his lecture on "Early Canberra" of receiving congratulatory letters from descendants of early settlers.

Writing from Victoria, Miss E. S. Moore, a granddaughter of Lieut. J. J. Moore, and also related to Explorers Hamilton Hume and Dr. Throsby, the latter being the first explorer to reach Queanbeyan River, says:-

"I am the granddaughter of the late Lieut. J. J. Moore. I was born in N.S.W., and both my parents were born there. My father owned a station in the Riverina and it was there I lived, so I have a good knowledge of bush life. My mother was a niece of Explorer Hamilton Hume, and was also a close relation of Dr. Charles Throsby, mentioned in your lecture."