Captain Flinders

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

3 July 1803

It is unnecessary to offer any further comment on the important advantages which most accrue from the discovery made by Captain Flinders, Commander of His Majesty's sloop Investigator, of a safe and easy Passage through Torres Strait into the Indian Ocean, without the necessity of going round New Guinea, and entering that Sea by Pitt's or Dampier's Strait.

Such Commanders of Vessels as may chose to make trial of the Passage through Torres' Strait, may in general save Five or Six Weeks between Port Jackson and the British Settlements in India.

We sincerely regret, however, that the ardent pursuits of Captain Flinders should suffer impediment; but the decayed condition of the Investigator's Hull requiring her being Condemned, a temporary delay must be sustained;

Yet we feel the highest satisfaction in reporting, that there is every reason to hope Captain Flinders will be enabled to resume his labours nearly as soon as his Officer's and People may have perfectly recovered their health and strength.