Caution of Unlawful Grazing

The Australian

8 August 1827

Having had the authority of Government for the possession, of certain Lands, situate between the Farms of Messrs. Shelley and Stuckey,

on the East side of the Wollondilly, in Argyle, and having, in consequence of the said land being overrun by great numbers of cattle and sheep belonging to different persons, given notice that such might be removed.

Now, as Mr. Robert Howe, Printer and Publisher of the Sydney Gazette, thought proper to doubt my right to the said land, by claiming, as set forth in his advertisement; as also by a notice signed 'William Shelley' - since which Mr. Howe has had it intimated to him that the land belongs to me;-

I therefore again caution all persons from trespassing, put ting up fences, huts, &c. on the said land, and immediately, to remove all cattle and sheep, as are unlawfully grazing there, on pain of an immediate prosecution being entered against them.

Edmund Lockyer. Parramatta, Aug. 5, 1827.