Clearing Snags from the Murrumbidgee

8 July 1862 Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong)

We are informed (says the Pastoral Times) that the clearing operations on the river Murrumbidgee have been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Advantage has been taken of the very low state of the river during the last summer to push matters forward, and to connect all the isolated portions previously cleared.

Under the very active management of Mr. David Bower, one party has this season cleared from Burrabogie to Hay, a distance by water of seventy-five miles; a second party, from Kunoong to the junction of the Lachlan liver, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, and a third party from the junction of the Lachlan to Balranald a distance of one hundred and thirty-five miles by water; making in all a distance of three hundred and thirty miles during the last season.

From Gundagai to the junction of the Murrumbidgee there is, therefore, now a pretty clean water-way when the river has risen to its proper level, provided that the following directions be observed;-

The same marks have been adopted ns have been used on the river Murray, namely, V over C close to the Victorian or south bank of river; S over C close to the Sydney or north bank of the river.

That is to say, that V over C mark stand on the Sydney side, and vice versa ; so that vessels navigating have to steer from the mark V over C closing to the Victorian bank in order to strike the cleared channel.

We presume it will be necessary to have a light party employed every year to run down the river and remove such snags as have been deposited in the river during the previous winter.

Considering the large land revenue raised by this Government from the district, we presume that there will be no difficulty in obtaining the necessary funds yearly for this purpose.

We understand that all votes are now fully expended, and a sum in excess has been expended which will probably be defrayed from a supplementary vote which has been applied for.

The whole of the operations have been under the supervision of Captain Cadell, who has never ceased to urge the matter forward; although, we believe, at present he has no interest in any of the vessels plying on the river,