Coaches of the Great South Road Before Cobb & Co.  

24 March 1938 Goulburn Evening Penny Post

Long before the coaches of Cobb and C. appeared on the Great South Road rolled the coaches of Messrs. Ireland and Co., Mrs: Richard and, later on, Mr. Jones

 It was on New Year's Day of 1846 that, amidst a scene of great excitement and cheer's, Mr. Jones' coach arrived in the evening at the conclusion of a day's sport at the old township of Goulburn.

The sports   included foot racing, horse racing and pig racing.

The cause of the excitement was the arrival of the Jones' coach, which was in opposition to the other two coaches.

Sometime previous to 1846, about the year 1845, Mr. Jones went up to his station about 300 miles from his home at Bargo and brought down some 30 or 40 colts to start his line of coaches.

Mr. Jones died before his term expired, and Mrs. Jones and her two sons carried on under great difficulties, running the coaches right through to Melbourne. 

The booking offices for these first coaches used to be at Mr. Bulls stores, Market Street, Benjamin and Moses Argyle Stores, and the old family of the Campbells, of Dun-Goulburn Hotel.