Colonel Leahy's Celebrated Fattening Station For Sale

The Australian

12 April 1842

The late Colonel Leahy's Celebrated Fattening Station, near the Junction of the Murray and Murrumbidgee, and Dr. Nicholson's.

Mr. Stubbs is instructed to bring to public competition, on Friday, the 15th day of April, 1842, at the Mart, King-street, sale at 12 o'clock.  

That splendid Station on the river Tumut, with an extraordinary, command of seven miles river frontage. The Head Station. - 400 acres of good Agricultural Land, enclosed; new slab hut, consisting of four rooms, with detached kitchen and store; stock-yards pig-stye, pigs and poultry, farming implements, wool shed, with a number of hurdles;

Two Stacks Of Wheat, supposed to contain 300 bushels; two stacks of hay, thirty tons, more or less; with a quantity of maize, about two acres. Also, a quantity of split stuff for paling and stabling.

Five good men (under permission of the Government), will be transferred with the Station. Terms very low - to be ascertained at the Mart.

For private sale, if more suitable to the purchaser's views.

A young beginner never had a butter chance ("now that sheep stuck is rising every day,") presented to him in the best days of the Colony, than this.

He literally, for a very small sum, gets hold of a greater tract, end more magnificent range of country than half the Princes of the Italian States, or German nobility; and, we are bound to believe, that the wools of the latter amply keep up their dignity, upon only a comparatively small extent of run.

It infers then clearly, that any man diligently setting to work, when established on a station like this, with everything cut and dried to his hands - with prudence, and proper personal attendance on the station, must succeed.

It is all a mental delusion, to run away with the "croaking" that wool will ever be otherwise than the sole remunerating staple commodity of this colony. There's none other.

And to be obtained in a profitable manner, it can only be expected from such stations as this - with river frontage, good land, buildings, shed, and paddock, complete, and the most severely contested pastoral country, for possession, in the Southern district.