Commissioners of Crown

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

1 June 1839

The following gentlemen have been Gazetted as Commissioners of Crown Lands under the new Act, which came into force on Thursday last:-

Port Macquarie, Mr. Henry Oakes; 

New England, Mr. G. J. Macdonald; 

Liverpool Plains, Mr. Mayne;

Bligh, Mr. G. Hunter; 

Wellington, Mr. L. V. Dulhunty; 

Lachlan, Mr. H. Cosby;

Murrumbidgee, Mr. H. Bingham; 

Maneroo, Mr. J. Lambie;

Port Phillip, Mr. H. F. Gisborne.

The police corps to attend these gentlemen is progressing in their equipment. Their uniform is something like the pattern of the Mounted Police, of the colour of a dark gray, with the trousers lined with leather.