Commonwealth and States Agree on Snowy Scheme

15 February 1949 Cootamundra Herald 

A conference of Commonwealth N.S.W., and Victorian Ministers yesterday adopted a revised scheme for the diversion of the Snowy River to Increase the electric power output and increase irrigation facilities.   

The scheme, adopted unanimously, will provide for the diversion of the Snowy so that it can be used in connection with the waters of the upper Murrumbidgee, Tumut, and upper Murray   Rivers and certain of their tributaries.   

Announcing this after the conference, the Federal Minister for Work s (Mr. Lemmon), who presided, said that in eight years,   

It was estimated the water available for Murrumbidgee irrigation would be double and shortly afterwards a large amount of power would be provided. 

The scheme adopted yesterday, is as follows:-

Diversion, into the Tumut Valley of the Eucumbene, Upper Murrumbidgee and Tooma Rivers; waters so diverted to the  Tumut Valley, with those of the Tumut River, to be used for electricity generation in that valley, and then pass into the Murrumbidgee for Irrigation; diversion of water from the Tooma River into the Tumut Valley to be subject to provision being made for the diversion of at least an equal quantity of water from the Snowy Valley to the  River Murray and its fullest use for the development of power. 

Another part of the scheme provides for the generation of power by the use of the waters of the catchment of the River Murray upstream from the Hume Reservoir, together with such water as shall be brought into the catchment from the Snowy Valley.       

A second provision was for the utilisation of the balance of the Snowy River waters (water available after the diversions from the Eucumbene to the Tumut and from the Upper Snowy catchment to the Murray) to be used, in one of two ways, either to be diverted from near Jindabyne to the Murrumbidgee River near Cooma, or to be diverted to the River Murray.

The construction of the Adaminaby-Tumut diversion will begin immediately.