Conditional Pardon for William Warby

24 September 1841 The Courier (Hobart, Tas)

Government Notice. No. 246.

Colonial Secretary's Office, 16th September, 1841.

Memoranda of Conditional Pardon have been issued for the following convicts until Her Majesty's pleasure be known; viz.-

Bridget Campbell, Jane;

Catherine Collins, Mary;

George Day, York;

James McDonald, Elizabeth;

Wm. Davis, Prince of Orange;

John Eckersley, Lord Lyndoch;

Thomas Greenslade, Elphinstone;

Edward Groves, Elizabeth;

Jacob Hobbs, York;

Joshua Jennings, Lord Lyndoch;

John Smith, Sir Charles Forbes;

Robert Taylor, Thames;

Samuel Walters, Larkins;

William Warby, Norfolk.

By His Excellency's command,

John Montagu.