Conference with all those Tribes of the Natives

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

10th December 1814

The Governor wishing to hold a public Conference with all those Tribes of the Natives of New South Wales who are in the habit of resorting to the British Settlements established in this Colony, in order to make a personal Communication to them on the Subject of the Native School or Institution which His Excellency is now about to establish, requests that they will assemble and meet him at the Market Place, in the Town of Parramatta, at the Hour of Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon of Wednesday, the 28th of the present Month of December; that being the next Day after full Moon.

All District Constables and other Peace Officers are hereby directed to make this Communication known to the Natives residing in, or resorting to their respective Districts, in due Time to enable them to attend and assemble accordingly.

The Gentlemen of the Committee appointed to Conduct the Affairs of the Native Institution are requested to meet His Excellency the Governor, on the occasion, at the Time and Place herein before intentioned.        

By Command of His Excellency The Governor,

 J.T. Campbell, Secretary