Consumption of Timber

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

26 June 1803

Proclamation by His Excellency Philip Gidley King Esquire. Captain-General And Governor In Chief In and Over His Majesty's Territory Of New South Wales and Its Dependencies, &C &C. &C.

The great consumption of timber, and the requisition made by Government for as much as possible being reserved for the use of the Navy, the following Regulations are to be observed by all and every His Majesty's Subjects resident or stationed in this Territory, matters of ships, and all others.

Timber in this colony includes She and Swamp Oaks, Red Blue and Black-butted Gums, Stringy and Iron Barks, Mahogany, Box, Honey Suckle, Cedar, Light-wood, Turpentine, &c.  The property of all which and every other kind of trees fit for timber, or likely to become so, lies in the proprietor of the land, either by Grant or Lease, excepting timber fit for naval or other public purposes, which those authorised by the Governor may mark, cut down, and remove, in and from any situation public or private.

Any person cutting down, barking, damaging, or destroying any timber or trees, fit, or likely to become fit for ship building, buildings, masts, or mechanical purposes, without the permission of the proprietor, or of the Governor if on any of the Crown Lands, will be answerable to the laws provided in that behalf, and according to the local situation of the Inhabitants of this Colony.

This regulation is not to preclude the inhabitants from getting such fuel from fallen woods as they can remove with wheelbarrows, or carts drawn by one horse, excepting fuel requisite for Government uses.

Masters and Commanders of ships will be informed by the Naval Officer where they may procure fuel for their ships; and those who may obtain the Governor's and proprietor's permission to cut down and remove timber fit for the foregoing purposes, or for sale at any other Port, are to pay a Duty of three pounds Sterling to the Treasurer of the Orphan Fund for every thousand solid feet taken on board, of which they are to give notice to the Measurer ( John Thompson ), as often as they receive it, and before it is hoisted into the ship on pain of forfeiting Five Pounds sterling for each neglect, on conviction before two Magistrates.

This Regulation to commence from the 26th Day of June, 1803.