Cutting Off the Pigtails

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

3 February 1911

In accordance with an Imperial edict issued at Pekin some months ago, authorising the removal of pigtails, the Chinese of Ballarat duly observed the Royal mandate.

The Chinese new year began on the 31st January, and an effort was made by the local Chinese, as well as by the compatriots elsewhere, to discard the old fashioned hirsute appendages.

The three Mongolian barbers in the camp at Golden Point report that they will be having a busy time during the next fortnight in removing the pigtails of their fellow countrymen.

A special, hair-cutting saloon has been erected near the Joss House, and a staff of tonsorial artists will be engaged, in order to cope with the expected rash.

There are 250 Chinese in Ballarat, and it is estimated that the pigtails of these, men, if pieced together, would measure from 600 to 700 feet.

In the matter of obsolete pigtails, we rather fancy that Tumut, in proportion to its size, could put up a record for New South Wales The Chinaman is a very important man indeed at Tumut.