Daniel O'Brien Drowned

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

23 May 1861

The inhabitants of Tumut were on Wednesday afternoon thrown into a state of the greatest consternation by the report that a young man, named Daniel O'Brien, a resident of Gocup, had been drowned in the lagoon near the Tumut race course. The report was but too true.

It appears that two bullocks, the property of the unfortunate man, had waded into the lagoon, and that he had borrowed a horse from Mr. P. Body, who was passing at the time, to go in and get them out.

Before going in he asked Mr. Body if the horse could swim, who said he did not know. On going two or three yards into the water, which was rather deep at the spot, the horse began to sink, and Mr. Body called out to bim to jump off, but be answered "I cannot swim," and kept on. In two or three minutes the horse sank, and with him his unfortunate rider.

The body was recovered with the aid of grappling irons, rather more than an hour after he sank, but life was extinct.

The deceased was about 26 years of age, and had not been married more than twelve months.  


The Chinese are gradually absorbing the whole of the Upper Adelong. Two more European parties have sold out to these speculative Children of the Sun : Messrs. Ballantyne and Co, for £250, Hill and Co., for £200.