Death of Mr. Chas. Downing

25 July 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times

After being missing since Thursday last, Mr. Charles Downing, of Gadara, was found dead on Sunday near Mr. F. Howe's property at Deep Creek. Death was due to natural causes and the Adelong Coroner (Mr. N. Mackay) has dispensed with an inquest.

The late Mr. Downing had been in Tumut for a few days spell and had complained of not feeling well, suffering from an attack of flu. 

He left Tumut by train on Thursday and had got out at Gadara Siding, intending to walk to his home. 

He had evidently followed a water course which led towards Adelong instead of towards his home and may have lost his way in the gathering dusk.

He had sat down in a blind gully near the watercourse and had passed away whilst in that position. 

Relatives at Gadara thought Mr. Downing was still in Tumut and it was not until Saturday that it was discovered he was missing.

Search parties, headed by Sergeant Shelley, of Adelong, were quickly organised, but it was not until Sunday morning that deceased was found by Mr. Ron. Howe near Deep Creek. 

The late Mr. Downing, who was 83 years of age, was born at Gadara, where he followed grazing pursuits all his life.

He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downing, who owned a large area of country in that part of the district, extending practically to Batlow.

Later this was reduced to comprise the Gadara and Killarney properties.

Deceased resided on the old home property all his life, living with his late brother Fred and family. 

The late Mr. Downing never married and was a quiet living man.

He enlisted in the 1st A.I.F. and served overseas. 

There is only one sister, Nellie (Mrs. W. Thorn, of Sydney), surviving. Brothers and sisters who predeceased the late Mr. Downing were Robert, Thomas, Matthew, Michael, Frederick, Marjorie (Mrs. Sheahan), Kate (Mrs. Thom), Margaret (Mrs. McDonald) and Johanna (Mrs. Nash). 

The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, interment being made in the Catholic portion of the Adelong cemetery.