Death of Mr, John Fairfax Near Tumut

1 November 1951 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

Mr. John Fitzgerald Fairfax, elder son of Dr. and Mrs. E. Wilfred Fairfax of Point Piper, Sydney, died yesterday at his property, 'Gocup' near Tumut. He was aged 47. 

The late Mr. Fairfax was educated at Geelong Grammar School and Pembroke College, Oxford. 

For some years he served on the literary staff of the Sydney Morning Herald and later became a director. 

Soldier and War Correspondent

In World War II he served in the Armored Division, A.I.F, and later was a war correspondent in the Pacific for the Herald.

In 1846, Mr. Fairfax retired from the board of the Sydney Morning Herald and went to live in the country, first at Batlow and later at 'Gocup' near Tumut. 

The late Mr. Fairfax was keenly interested in outdoor life and natural history. 

He was the author of a number of books, including a 'life' of John Fairfax, the founder of the Sydney Morning Herald. 

He is survived by a widow and two daughters.