Death of Mrs. C. J. Ratliff  

23 November 1916  The Tumut and Adelong Times 

We regret to record the death, on Monday last, of one of the oldest residents of the district in the person of Mrs. C. J. Ratliff, relict of the late Mr. C. J. Ratliff, who predeceased her by some years.

The deceased lady was the daughter of Mr. Bingham, commissioner of Crown lands for these parts for some years.

Her age was 84 years, and she first came to Tumut at the age of 7 years, since when she had never been six months absent from the district.

The late Mrs. Woodhouse and the late Mrs. Broughton were her sisters.

Deceased had been out walking as late as Saturday last, taking ill on the following Sunday morning.

About a month ago she had a bad turn, when all members of the family rallied to the bed side, expecting the worst to happen; but the skilful attention of Dr. Clouston was successful in prolonging life for the short period since.   

Her death will be much felt by the people of the district amongst whom she was well known and highly respected and beloved for her kindly, benevolent disposition.

Her remains were interred in the family tomb at Gocup, alongside those of her father and mother.

We will refer more fully to the sad event in next issue.