Death of Mrs. J. W. Carroll

17 September 1946 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The news of the passing in a Sydney hospital at 5 a.m. on Sunday of Mrs. Ada Helena Carroll, wife of Mr. John W. Carroll, of Railway End, Tumut, was heard with much regret throughout the Tumut district. 

The late Mrs. Carroll had enjoyed remarkably good health, until about 6 weeks ago, and she was subsequently conveyed by Ambulance to Sydney where she was admitted to hospital. 

Although hopes were held for her recovery her strength ebbed rapidly on Saturday last and she passed away the following morning. 

Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howe, of Tumut Plains, where she was born 65 years ago.

In 1909 at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Tumut, she married Mr. John Carroll, and soon after their wedding they purchased a property at Deep Creek, Adelong Roadside, from Mrs. Carroll's father.

Mr. Carroll carried on dairying pursuits there for six years when bad seasons forced him to sell.

They then went to Uardry Station, a stud sheep property near Hay, where Mr. Carroll entered the employ of Mr. Mills, remaining for 18 years. 

About 1931, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll returned to Tumut and Mr. Carrol purchased the Gilmore cream run from Mr Arthur Beattie.

During the conduct of this business the Carroll home was at Gilmore.

Two years ago Mr. Carroll sold out, and purchasing a home in Adelong Road, they moved into Tumut where they have remained since. 

T'he late Mrs. Carroll was a great worker for all functions held in the Gilmore Hall.

She was a kind and friendly neighbour and was devoted to her family. 

Besides the sorrowing husband there is one son, Thomas (relieving station master at Leura), and two daughters, Edie (Mrs Pat. O'Brien, Brungle Rd.), and Joan (Mrs J. Wilkinson, jnr., of Springfield), surviving.

There are also three brothers, Frank (Deep Creek), Charles (Tumut), John (Boree Creek) and one sister, Clara (Mrs. E. Connors, of Batlow). Those deceased are Thomas, George, James and Patrick Howe, Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. J. Claffey

The remains are being brought to Tu mut for interment and the funeral will leave from the Catholic Church at noon to-morrow (Wednesday) for the Tumut New Cemetery.