Declaration of War

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

4 December 1803

In consequence of the Declaration of War between Great Britain and France being received by the Patterson American ship - however improbable the attack of the enemy may be considered in this remote part of the Globe, yet His Excellency the Commander In Chief deeming it necessary to cause proper persons to be trained to the exercise of the cannon.

Field Pieces, &c. the free inhabitants of Sydney (on any case of eventual emergency from the enemy's attack), wishing to contribute their aid to the defence of this colony, will give their names in to His Honor the Lieutenant - Governor during the present week.

It is to be clearly understood, that foreigners, not being His Majesty's Subjects, leaving their ships and residing here, without the Governors previous permission, are subject to be put to public labour until an opportunity offers for their leaving the colony, or being sent away, in the same manner as British Subjects who leave their ships without the Governor's Permission.