Description of the Gundagai to Tumut Railway

Cootamundra Herald

10 October 1903

More than usual interest attaches to the railway which has just been completed from Gundagai to Tumut by reason of the fact that the House of Representatives has chosen Tumut as the site of the federal Capital.

The Federal Sites Commissioners, adopting a view contrary to that of Mr. Oliver, indicated that in their opinion Tumut possessed superior claims to any other locality in New South Wales as a site for the federal capital.

The work of laying the permanent way of the line was completed some weeks ago, and all that remains to be done to put it into working order is to give the finishing touches to the railway stations between Gundagai and Tumut.

This work is practically completed. Arrangements had been made for Sir Harry H. Rawson to declare the line open on Monday, and his Excellency, with a large party, left Sydney by train on Sunday evening for the purpose.

It may be stated that the line is 31 miles 35 chains in length. It begins at the terminal point of the Cootomundra to Gundagai branch of the Great Southern Railway, at 286 miles 56 chains from Sydney, and crossing immediately the Murrumbidgee River, skirts the western side of South Gundagai.

It then follows generally the main road to Adelong for about nine miles, and Adelong, Creek for about six miles further.

Then it passes up Bunnaback Creek to the summit of the line, at 22 miles from Gundagai, and thence descends via Gadara Creek.

The latter is followed to its junction with Gilmore Creek, the direction of that creek being taken to the Tumut cemetery, which is passed on its south side.

The line ends at a marked-tree road close to the township of Tumut, and 318 miles 11 chains from Sydney.

The works, with the exception of the Murrumbidgee River bridge, are fairly easy.

The ruling grade is 1 in 50, with frequent curves of 10 chains radius. Private land is passed through almost the whole length of the railway.

There is a platform at Willie Ploma, four miles from Gundagai; a station at Adelong Crossing, nine miles from Gundagai, one at Mount Horeb for the convenience of the residents of Adelong, some three miles distant; a siding at Deep Creek; and a station at Killarney for the residents of the Gilmore district.

The estimated cost of the line was 161,181, or in round numbers 5,200 per mile. The accounts have not yet been made up finally, but it is believed that the estimated cost will not be much exceeded.