Destruction of The Native Forest

2 March 1978  The Canberra Times

Sir, - Recently we drove from Tumut to Canberra along the Micalong and Brindabella roads, and were horrified at the extent and rate of destruction of the native forest.

Large areas around and to the cast of Micalong Swamp are being bulldozed and burnt to make way for pine trees.

There is little enough virgin native forest left for scientific study and for the enjoyment of all Australians.  

We call on the State and Federal authorities to stop this irreversible destruction, to consider alternative areas for pine forests, such as marginal and unproductive farming and grazing land already cleared, and to consider the ethics of development: for example, would it not have been at least possible to preserve, untouched an area of several hundred metres around the (formerly) beautiful Micalong Swamp?

We must stop, rethink and plan now, otherwise what is left of this and other areas of native forest will be lost forever.

Darrell Lewis Glen Sanders

 Melba. ACT