Destructive Fire at Lacmalac  

22 May 1865 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

One of those disastrous calamities which happily are not of frequent occurrence in this district, has just ocurred, involving a heavy loss to Mr. Michael Quilty, one of our old and respected residents.

The facts are as follows:- Mr. Quilty owns a large farm at Lacmalac, on which was a shed, newly erected at a cost of £150, and which at the time protected 1,150 bushels wheat, threshing machine, several farming implements, and a dray in which were 40 bushels seed wheat.

In one hut about three hundred yards from the shed reside Mr. Quilty's father and mother, and a little farther on in another hut reside the Messrs. Howe, who rent the farm from Mr. Quiity.

About one o'clock on Saturday morning old Mrs. Quilty was awakened by a crackling sound as if something were burning, and informing her husband of her fears, he got up and on opening the door saw the shed on fire.

The adjacent neighbours were speedily alarmed, but by the time assistance arrived the roof was in flames and nothing could be done just then.

Soon afterwards the roof fell in, when water was copiously poured on the burning embers and the flames sufficiently subdued to permit the removal of some of the bags of wheat.

Information was sent into town, and our Police Magistrate held an inquiry on the spot on Saturday forenoon, when it was discovered that everything in the shed had been destroyed with the exception of about 500 bushels of wheat.

A conclusion was arrived at that it was the work of an incendiary.

Mr. Quilty estimates his loss at fully £700.

A large reward is offered for information that will lead to the conviction of the incendiary.