Dr. Robert Blosse Lynch Passed Away

The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

1 March 1887

Another very old resident of the Tumut district has passed away to "that bourne from whence no traveller returns" in the person of Dr. Robert Blosse Lynch, who departed this life on Tuesday morning last, at the ripe old age of 75 years. The deceased's history was an eventful one.

He, we believe, spent a portion of the prime of his life in India, where he doubtless acquired that punctilious politeness and love of luxurious refinement for which he was so noted.

About 35 years ago he accompanied Mr. G. C. Lockhart, then Commissioner for Crown Lands, to Albury, and shortly afterwards receiving the appointment of Gold Commissioner, the deceased came to Adelong and exercised his duties between that place and Reedy Flat. Subsequently Kiandra, during the first rush, became his headquarters. In 1861 he held the office of acting stipendiary magistrate for this district.

The deceased was a man of no common ability. He was well read in all the literature of the day; his medical knowledge was extensive, and for many years he practised in Tumut with considerable success. In the heyday of his prosperity he was very popular and on one occasion he contested an election here scoring a big vote.

During his career he experienced sad reverses, but was kindly assisted by numerous residents and friends, For nearly two years past his growing infirmities kept him confined to his house and he died of senile decay, but with mental faculties apparently unimpaired. Up to the last Dr. Mason was assiduous in his attentions upon the deceased.

A long cortege followed the remains to the Tumut cemetery yesterday, where the Rev. Father Bourke conducted the obsequies.