Driest January for 15 Years  

1 February 1947 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

January. 1947, was the driest January in Wagga for 15 years. Only seven points of rain fell. 

Last month has been generally dry throughout Riverina, and in some areas rain is urgently needed. 

Tumut maize crops and potatoes at Tumbarumba require rain, and many dairy farmers, are feeling the pinch of the dry season. 

Although a couple of rainstorms during February would be appreciated by land-holders for lucerne and the replenishment of water supplies, many landholders would prefer to have rain in March. 

A well-known district farmer said yesterday that rain during February would have little effect on autumn feed, but March, April and May rains would be most bene ficial

He said, that 10 points of rain in May would be much more appreciated than 600 points in February, and if it fell in February, it might not fall in May.