Drowned In Tumut River

The Sydney Morning Herald

29 December 1909

Tumut, Tuesday.

A boy named Ridley, aged 12 years, who resided at Adelong, was spending his Chrismas holidays with his uncle, Mr. Collier.

He went with another lad to the Tumut River this morning for a swim. He jumped into a deep hole, and was drowned, being unable to, swim.

His companion, a younger boy, attempted to save him, but had his clothes on, and was unable to bring his mate to the bank.

He caught hold of the drowning lad three times, and narrowly escaped being taken under the water himself.

He then ran about a quarter of a mile to the town and gave the alarm.

A man named Hughes dived into the water, and brought the lad out. He had been immersed about 20 minutes.

Two doctors were quickly on the scene, and did all possible to revive the lad, but without success.

The boy's father is in Western Australia.

He narrowly escaped drowning in the Tumut River last Christmas.