Electricity Banned For Industry, Drastic Rationing Announced

21 June 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Drastic rationing of electricity throughout New South Wales and a complete ban on electricity for industry was approved by State Cabinet yesterday.   

The order relates to all industry with the exception of food processing and refrigeration.

All homes are restricted to two lights at any one time whilst power for cooking purposes is restricted to an hour in the mornings and an hour, in the evening.

Hot water systems and bath heaters are completely banned. 

It is expected that there will be a quarter of a million unemployed within the next few days, having been stood down by employers. 

It was announced yesterday that the Government, had no alternative, the flooding of the coalfields area having resulted in a further loss of coal.

The miners who are going on strike on Monday for increased pay and a 35 hour week, are seeking the support of other unions in their demands.  

 Sydney is completely without gas supplies at the moment.

The ban of electricity in industry will apply to the Tumut area as it draws its supply from Burrinjuck Supply which is interconnected with the city electricity system.